"The future doesn't exist,

it is ours to invent"

Unknown brainy realist

"Electronics is our passion"

Dextrelin elektroniikka-sivut ovat englanninkieliset ja tulevat sisältämään pienen kokoelman suunnitteluideoita, elektronisia vinkkejä, sekä joitakin tee-se-itse-projekteja. Nämä eivät kuitenkaan ole täydellisiä projekteja, vaan sisältävät ideoita, jotka saattavat kiinnostaa alan harrastajia, tai elektroniikasta kiinnostuneita.

Dextrels elektroniksidor finns endast på engelska och kommer att innehålla en liten samling design-idéer, elektroniska tips och gör-det-själv-projekt. Dessa är dock inga fullständiga projekt, utan innehåller idéer som kan vara av intresse för entusiaster inom området, eller personer intresserade av elektronik.

Dextrel's electronics pages are in English, and they will contain a small collection of design ideas, electronic tips, and some do-it-yourself projects. These are not complete projects but contain ideas that may be of interest to enthusiasts in the field, or to people interested in electronics.

Background info

Dextrel - as I used to call my spare time electronics activities - has silently existed already since 1978. However, Dextrel - as a company - was founded in 2021, to provide a solid platform for upcoming private projects, both in the video field, as well as in the electronics domain. My everyday daytime work has been - and still is - in the medical equipment industry. You can read more about my professional work here (LinkedIn).

As an electronics enthusiast, I want to give back something to the community, that in turn has given me so much during all my (more than 35) active years in the trade. This is the motivation for the existence of these electronic pages.

I will - slowly by surely - be adding material about different electronics projects, which can be classified either as DIY construction projects, design ideas, or handy tips & tricks. Be patient, these pages will be under constant construction.