"The future doesn't exist,

its ours to invent"

Unknown brainy realist

What is DEXTREL?

Dextrel stands for "Dego's EXTReme Electronics Laboratory" - a nickname for my spare time electronics activities. My objective is to present to electronics enthusiasts (and hobbyists alike) some tidbits of useful information. This includes sharing some of the simpler but still serious, non-commercial DIY-projects that I have designed and built during my active hobbyist years. I have also included a design-ideas and tips&tricks section that contains some useful information. 

About this site

It seems that electronics as a hobby is slowly and surely disappearing.  One probable explanation is that most of the gadgets that you ever will need or can imagine - can nowadays be bought straight off-the-shelf. And most probably - at a lower cost than a homemade equivalent. Why bother with the extra effort constructing something yourself - when you can buy it ready-made?

However, when swapping an idea with someone else you always end up with two (ideas) - when swapping items - you end up with only one (item)! I'm glad if I can contribute to the electronics community giving back something, as the community has provided me plentiful and useful information, during all these years.


Nowadays almost everything is microprocessor controlled - and there are a myriad of highly integrated application-specific IC's that do most of the tricks. The ability to read an application note means that you can construct a useful circuit with less knowledge in the art - and using fewer parts. Unfortunately the FUN of inventing things of your own - is almost gone - almost. I hope these pages give you some inspiration digging deeper into the fascinating world of electronics, creating your own unique pieces of art...

Site Contents
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Design Ideas

This section contains design ideas - presented in the same fashion as published in the EDN-magazine. The only difference is that the ideas presented here are my own. Some of these ideas were published, some should have been - lazy me. 


This is a collection of simple but useful electronics projects. Usually not complete with instructions or PCB layouts, but nevertheless, projects that have been built, and are tested in real life.

Tips & Tricks

This is a collection of instructions about how to fix, repair, or improve different gadgets.


This page contains some personal information about myself.


A brief view back in the history of electronics - seen via my eyes.


My mildly serious spare-time video shooting, streaming and editing activity - called Studio Kingshill.


A collection of hard to find service and repair manuals that might someday come in handy. At least I spent lots of time locating them and therefore want to share.


The traditional contact form.

Enjoy your stay - your feedback and comments are welcome.

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