Tips & Tricks & Modifications

Here you'll find a small collection of various tips, tricks, and modifications that I have created. These either made my life easier, solved elegantly some nasty problems, or improved the performance of existing hardware and/or electronic equipment.

Please note that these aren't complete DIY projects with comprehensive instructions, they just give you ideas and hopefully useful information to perform your own magic.

Tip: Asus Monitor Comparison Table

Looking for a specific Asus monitor? Finding the right one is really hard since Asus doesn't offer searchable or sortable selection lists. Here is one in Excel format that I compiled in April 2020. It contains most models. Click on the image to download.

Modification: How to add Tally Outputs to the Black Magic ATEM Television Studio HD Switcher

Modification: Black Magic ATEM Television Studio HD - Thermal And Cooling Improvement

This video switcher is almost perfect but it has some shortcomings. A huge one is the unpleasant cooling noise that will be hard on your ears, especially when sitting in front of the unit for a prolonged time. This modification shows how I tackled the problem - with excellent results. But beware; just opening the unit might void the warranty, modifying the unit will certainly kill the warranty. You need to be fluent in mechatronics to succeed with this mod, at your own risk!

Tip: How To Build  an Ultra-Portable & Compact Television Studio (or A Video Streaming Box)

Tired of dragging and connecting your equipment preparing for streaming or real-time video projects? Having trouble using rack-mounted equipment ergonomically? Here is one viable solution that works nicely!

Trick: How to Add a Dimming Function to Electronic Transformers

It is a little known secret that electronic transformers that are of the self-oscillating type (as most are), actually contain all components and the required circuitry for a very easy dimming addition/modification. This trick will save you money by removing the need to add expensive phase turn-off dimmers in front of the transformers.