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Original Dextrel 0.54 inch (13.80 mm), Red 4 Digit 14-Segment Alphanumeric trough-hole LED Display with decimal points. What makes this display unique is that its pinout is optimized for any 8-segment display controller circuits with a common cathode drive, like the MAX7219.


  • 0.54″ (13.7mm) digit height
  • Low current operation, excellent characters appearance
  • RED (632nm) color digits
  • Common cathode matrix
  • Special pinout optimized for 8 segment drivers (such as MAX7219)
  • RoHS Compliant, wave solderable (please read notes)
  • The display provides excellent reliability at bright ambient lighting
  • The device has white segments on a matte black background
  • Standard 16-pin device with 2.54mm pin pitch and 0.8-inch row pitch
  • Home appliances
  • Instrument panels
  • Digital readout displays
  • Hobby projects
  • Low parts count applications


Price   14.90€



A PCB for the 40W TMOS amplifier presented on my DIY pages.


  • Matchbox size
  • Dual layer
  • Through-hole components only


Price  10.00€